Work Accidents – The top 5 Most Expensive accidents In History

Chernobyl – $200 Billion

Work Accidents – In 1986 on April the 26th there was the most expensive accident that happened in history. What caused this very expensive accident? A nuclear reactor at Chernobyl power station exploded causing the deaths of 125 thousand people and over 200 thousand people were evacuated.

Here is some history of Chernobyl:


Space Shuttle Columbia Explosion – $13 Billion

In 2003 on February the 1st, the space shuttle Columbia exploded over Texas killing all 7 crew members.

For more information about the Columbia Space Shuttle:


Prestige Oil Spill – $12 Billion

In 2002 on November the 13th there was a bad storm. The captain of the huge oil tanker ship feared the worse, the storm was too much to handle. It managed to split the ship completely in half spilling 20 million gallons of oil into the sea.

for more information about the Prestige Oil Spill:


Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion – £5.5 Billion


In 1986 on January the 28th, a space shuttle exploded just 73 seconds after its takeoff with seven highly trained crew members inside.

For more information about the Space Shuttle Challenger:


Piper Alpha Oil Rig – $3.4 billion 


In 1998 on July 6th was the day the world’s most expensive off-shore oil disaster has ever been recorded.  This was caused by a worker who forgot to replace one of the safety valves. This incident caused 167 workers their lives.

for more details about the Piper Alpha Oil Rig:


Work Accidents – Safety App MyTeamSafes Panic Alarm

Lone Working app – The panic button is used for serious scenarios such as accidents or for when you feel you are in a vulnerable or unsafe situation. This helps your Supervisor to act quickly to these situations.

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10 Health And Safety Myths You Might Have heard

yes or no

Graduates have been banned from throwing their mortarboards up in the air


Safety Myths – Being injured by one of these is highly unlikely. The only concern is making sure they come back in good condition after use. This is not a health and safety issue.

Flip Flops have been banned to wear at work


It can get very hot in or out of the work place when it comes to summer so we do try to minimise what we wear and find ways to keep cool, sometimes that can be wearing sandals. Even though trips, slips and falls are increased by 30% of having an accident, health and safety have not banned sandals when you’re at work but they do consider that wearing what you have on your feet makes a huge difference.

Replacing all park benches because they are three inches too low

I know what you’re thinking… How can there be such a myth on benches? how can that possibly be a health and safety issue? well, its not. there is no such thing as a height requirement on benches, this myth came from a facility manager that has no idea about the law on health and safety.

Hanging up baskets have been banned in case of people causing injury by bumping their heads.


In 2004 there was a town that did take down all hanging baskets because they feared that the old lamp posts may collapse. This was a little over the top for such a low risk.

Candy floss has been banned on a stick in case you trip and pierce your self.


Usually, the times you see candy floss being sold is usually at carnivals or events or generally someone pushing a cart selling it through your local town. You may have seen in the news papers that candy floss is a high risk of injury from the stick. Health and safety have not banned candy floss on the stick and a lot of people believe this myth, that’s why you now see candy floss in a bag rather than it being sold on a stick.

Trapeze artists have been told to wear hard hats at all times


Hard hats come into great use when it comes to the construction site due to small objects landing on your head from above. But why would Trapeze artists need a construction hat? Well, they don’t: according to health and safety, this myth was total nonsense and there has never been such regulations.

People who work in offices are banned from putting any type of Christmas decorations up


Each year this myth always comes about. Saying that the decorations could be a health and safety issue when it comes to people working in an office. There are a lot of companies that have banned putting up decorations because of this. But according to health and safety and the HSE, they happily celebrate and keep the Christmas spirit going every year by decorating their office. They just state that you need to make sure you’re provided with safe ladders rather than balancing your self on your office chairs or desks. So decorating your work office is not banned and not a health and safety issue.

Children have been banned from playing the game conkers unless they use goggles when playing


Remember the old days playing conkers? This myth was made in a school one time from a head teacher saying that pupils can only play the game if wearing goggles, this quickly escalated and reached out to other schools which then banned conkers from being played at school unless using goggles or even gloves!! According to health and safety, this game is not putting you at any risk at all, if kids decide to attack each other with the conkers on the string then that would be classed as assault and the pupil must be disciplined, apart from that this is not a health and safety issue.

Asbestos Safety And Why Is It Dangerous?


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Construction Industry 5 Things You Must Know About.


It’s Not All About The Building Site

When someone mentions a construction site straight away you think of builders with bricks and cement, on a cold rainy day. But it’s far from that, it’s much bigger. There are so many jobs you can do on a construction site, for example, an electrician, plumber, chippy, Architects, project managers and health and safety advisors that keep an eye on everything on site making sure that you’re safe and the environment. Every element is key to the success of a build.

It’s A Big Achievement

Your work makes a huge impact on people’s lives whether that’s building new houses for people to live in or renovating someone’s dream home. But it could just be someone’s garden project. The list goes on! Everything you look back at will be an achievement as it’s there for all to see and admire.


There Are Opportunities To Travel

In the construction industry, some companies may need your skills around the world which will give you the opportunity to travel! Your flights and your accommodation will be all paid for. Next thing you know it you could be in Dubai or Brasília. Who knows?! Specialist skills are always in demand, all over the world. Especially British quality and expertise.

So Be Amazed

You could get some awesome opportunities to work in famous buildings that you may never see again in a lifetime. They don’t even have to be famous to be knocked off your feet. It could just be a beautiful building that makes you feel honored to do your job. You never know your skills could lead you to work on the next famous building in the world or even doing the planning for it!

So the next time you think of a damp cold building site …. remember all the other opportunities those skills could give you. 

Construction Industry – Are your staff happy to be in a building on their own?


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Duty Of Care – Company Car

“Duty of Care” is the legal obligation to ensure the safety and well being of others.

All UK companies have a responsibility to ensure that their employees do not suffer from any harm or loss in the workplace ensuring that they are safe at all times – This is known as duty of care.

 Duty Of Care – Using company vehicles

It’s interesting to know that if a vehicle is owned by your company it is considered as a place of work. This means health and safety rules still apply. Relevant safety checks must be in place to ensure they’re safe to use. This is just one example of duty of care.

When it comes to road safety using the company vehicle legal responsibility also falls on the driver. This means it’s your responsibility to ensure the vehicle you are using is safe and insured. You are also solely responsible for any type of traffic offense.

Safety and Duty of Care don’t just stop at making sure the tires aren’t bald. It’s also important to have ‘safety systems‘ at work, even when the place of work is a car or van. This ensures that the person, not just the vehicle is OK. Safety systems don’t just improve the company’s duty of care it also makes employees feel safer and more included too.


MyTeamSafe® was created because of Rob Little’s concern for some of HILLINGAR’s Supply Chain consultancy clients. The problem was that warehouse or office staff were working late or opening and locking up a building on their own, often in the dark. None of these situations were intrinsically dangerous but accidents do happen and had. Some staff were naturally apprehensive but didn’t want to make a fuss. The company had an uncontrolled risk and their duty of care was not covered. Nothing serious had happened and solutions always looked costly or complex, so nothing was done. Read More

MyTeamSafe – Loneworking & Duty Of Care

You can learn even more by visiting the MyTeamSafe website – you can try our lone working solution free for 30 days, with text (SMS), email and push notifications.








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Security Guard – The Risks

Carrying Firearms

Depending on what type of security you’re doing you could face a risk of carrying fire arms. For example, you could be keeping guard and protecting banks. There are a few risks of carrying fire arms, first of all, you do not allow anyone near you when carrying a weapon. Secondly what happens when someone grabs your gun? Or what happens when the bank is under attack? Being a security guard with firearms could put you at high risk of injuries or even death.

Risk Of Injuries

Being a security guard puts you at very high risk of injuries it doesn’t matter what type of security job you are doing you will be at risk. You will never know what your day could turn out to be it could change in a blink of an eye. let’s use a protection of a celebrity for an example, you could be at high risk protecting a celebrity from excited fans or even people that want to harm the celebrity. Being a security guard you must act quickly keeping your cool and try not to provoke a bigger situation from happening and control it, making sure that the celebrity isn’t in danger or being injured. But by protecting the celebrity the chances are the security guard could be injured in the process.

Risk Of Death

Security guards are always at high risk of losing their lives. Protecting people and properties from criminals can be a very risky job. Never knowing who could approach you, or worse. They could be carrying a weapon without you even knowing.

Risk Of Physical Exhaustion

Most security jobs could be considered “easy” but what about standing in one spot your whole shift? This could affect their health due to standing for hours. This could even cause physical exhaustion due to staying alert and professional at all times.



You can learn even more by visiting the MyTeamSafe website – you can try our lone working solution free for 30 days, with text (SMS), email and push notifications.


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What Should You Do When There Is A Fire

Alert everyone In the house

  1. Make sure everyone knows about the fire in the house. Scream shout make sure everyone’s awake and get everyone together.

Get everyone out

You should already have an escape route planned with everyone that lives in the house.

As you escape, remember:

  1. Do not make time to look for valuables or look for pets.
  2. Don’t investigate the fire.
  3. Remember smoke rises crawl on the floor if there’s smoke. (smoke is toxic and can kill you)
  4. Only open doors you need to open. And try close as many doors as possible without trapping anyone else, this can help to slow down the spread of the fire.
  5. When approaching doors feel them with the back of your hand before you open them, if its warm do not open. the fire will be on the other side.
  6. When escaping make sure you all stay together if you can.

If your clothes catch fire

Stop. Drop. And roll!

  1. Do not run, you will only fan the flames which will make it burn faster.
  2. Lay down. It makes it harder for the fire to spread and reduces the effect of flames going on your face and head. – flames burn upwards
  3. Cover flames with heavy materials like a duvet or coat as this blocks the fire’s supply of oxygen
  4. Roll around – rolling smothers the flames

If you are trapped by fire

It’s very common for families to be caught in fire situations at night. So make sure you have fire alarms which will give you an early warning of a fire. But if you are trapped in a fire here is some advice.

  1. Get everyone into a room and close the door after you.
  2. Seal the gap under the door with blankets, pillows anything that can block the smoke coming through because smoke and fumes can kill you.
  3. Make sure to open a window and stay close for fresh air and grab someones attention.
  4. Shout for help so neighbours can hear you so that can call the fire brigade or help in any way possible.
  5. If you’re not on a high floor you may be able to escape from a near by window
  6. If you have to break the window, cover the jagged glass with towels or thick bedding
  7. Make sure to throw out bedding and other soft cushions out the window to break your fall.
  8. Don’t jump out of the window – lower yourself down to arm’s length and drop to the ground
  9. Can you lower yourself down to arm’s length and drop to the ground before you think of jumping out of the window?
  10. If you have any children or elderly or disabled people with you, plan the order you will escape in so that you can help them down
  11. Don’t stop or go back in for any reason even for pets. It’s the fire brigades job to enter the danger zone.

What to do if you live in a block of flats?

If a fire starts in your flat or the stairwell and you can’t get out what should you do?

  1. Get everyone into a room that has a window, cover the gap under the door with any type of material like bedding, or cushions to block toxic smoke.
  2. Grab as much attention through the window as possible wave clothing out the window or sheets to grab the attention of a firefighter.
  3. if the fire is directly outside your flat, seal your front door with tape, bedding or clothes, close any ventilators and phone 99
  4. if your front door becomes hot, wet it down

You can learn even more by visiting the MyTeamSafe website – you can try our lone working solution free for 30 days, with text (SMS), email and push notifications.

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Driving A Forklift Without A License

Did you know that you must have a forklift license to use a forklift?

The answer to that question is YES. If you get caught using a forklift on any site you could be facing huge fines and up to 1 year in prison. You could be fined to a maximum of £25.000. Neither can be paid for by the company, they must be paid by the fined person (you). The business you work for could then be fined up to $500,00.00.

However, if there was a critical injury, broken arm, leg, substantial loss of blood, loss of consciousness, amputation of arm, leg, hand, foot, loss of sight, burns to a major portion of the body or death on your work site, whether or not you were involved, there is a good chance that the penalties described above will be applied. The inspectors will look at the entire company and level fines for every violation that is found.

For more information about forklifts:

MyTeamSafe is all about safety. Especially lone workers, for more details, visit MyTeamSafe website – you can try our lone working solution free for 30 days, with text (SMS), email and push notifications.

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Useful Tools For Business

Useful Tools For Business – Sometimes it really is hard to find a Tool that could really benefit you and your business, because there are so many out there on the market ready for you to try. Here are some Tools that MyTeamSafe like to use.


1Password will generate and store your passwords which really helps you set a strong complicated password, that you don’t even need to remember.  You can view all your accounts in a super safe place where your passwords will be protected within the 1password’s app.

1Password remembers them all for you. Save your passwords and log into sites with a single click. It’s that simple.

iOS, Android



Monzo is a brilliant way to help you save money by limiting on what you spend day by day. Here are some awesome features that Monzo offers.

  • Get instant notifications every time you make a payment.
  • See how much you’re spending with built-in monthly spending analysis.
  • Freeze your Monzo Card instantly if you lose it, defrost it when you find it.
  • Receive intelligent insights into your spending habits.
  • Send money instantly to friends and family.
  • Top up your Monzo Card with Apple Pay or another debit card.
  • Use your card abroad as you would at home. There are no fees and you get the wholesale MasterCard® exchange rate.
  • No fees or charges.

IOS, Android


Wunderlist can be so helpful towards your business or for personal use. assigning tasks to your employees or friends so that they can’t be forgotten. Tick them off the list once you have finished your task, Recieve your reminds via email and push notifications. Wunderlist is a great way to keep on top and manage your tasks. Wunderlist is available on all platforms.

  • MAC OS X
  •  IPAD
  •  WEB
  •  WATCH

IOS, Android, Windows 10



Grammarly is a great way to improve your writing skills and keeping it really professional. Making it less stressful knowing that your grammar and spelling mistakes can be tracked and corrected by a click of a button. Grammarly can be really helpful with writing blogs, emails and much more.

How does Grammarly work?

Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker that improves communication by helping users find and correct writing mistakes. It’s easy to use:
  • Copy and paste any English text into Grammarly’s online text editor, or install Grammarly’s free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.
  • Grammarly’s algorithms flag potential issues in the text and suggest context-specific corrections for grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Grammarly explains the reasoning behind each correction so you can make an informed decision about whether, and how, to correct an issue.

Add Grammarly to your browser here:


Social Scheduler

With plans starting from as little as £3 per month, Social Scheduler is a great tool that enables you to schedule your social media messages to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

One of the valuable features is the easy ‘repeat’ mode.  You simply state how many times that you want to repeat the message, then specify how often to repeat it, for example, ‘every 5 days, 4 hours and 15 minutes’.  This is particularly useful if you have an international audience – you can capture interests in different timezones very easily.

Photos are supported too, it’s easy to send the same message to all platforms, but they make it easy to cross-promote (slightly different text per platform) rather than cross-post the exact same content.  You can also specify a subset of accounts to repeat to.

If you have a habit of being slightly too busy to put posts out, then why not schedule some in advance, or put ‘draft’ messages in your calendar for special events, like Haloween, Christmas, or perhaps your marketing campaigns.

MyTeamSafe uses Social Scheduler to put out reminders about events and to schedule regular marketing messages, whilst we use Facebook and Twitter directly for the ‘in-the-moment’ and more personal messages.

Safety App – MyTeamSafes Panic Alarm


You may consider MyTeamSafe as a useful tool for your business, Especially if you have lone workers, you can try our lone working solution free for 30 days, with text (SMS), email and push notifications.



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5 Most Dangerous Lone Working Jobs

Corrections Officer

Prison officers are at very high risk of dealing with very violent inmates and at high risk of being attacked within the prison. Officers check for unsanitary conditions, fire hazards, and/or any evidence of tampering or damage to locks, bars, grilles, doors, and gates. Also, protecting fellow officers from inmates and protect inmates from other inmates at all times. An officer must be a disciplinarian and enforce the rules and punish when rules are violated.

Want to know more about Prison Officers?


Police Officer / Security Guards

Security guards and police officers can face huge risks night and day. They can’t predict what could happen throughout their working day with escalated dangerous situations they must face, for example arresting someone with a weapon like a knife, which is also putting your life in danger with high risks of possible death.



Farming is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

First off, the tractors on busy roads. Yes, they are very slow causing a lot of traffic at times but some people are in a hurry to overtake which can cause high risks of collisions with other vehicles on the other side of the road, some say people try over taking these tractors on blind corners.

Working alone seems to be a normal and natural thing for a farmer but as you get older this then creates its own set of risks, The most common deaths for farmers is tractor rollovers, but most farmers are also injured by farm equipment or livestock which increases chances of contracting Q fever from nearby sheep and goats, Fast moving equipment is a very high risk when being a farmer, these machines can get a hold of your clothing  and pull at it which can result in losing an arm.



Most animals seem all cute and cuddly but animals can be very unpredictable and dangerous, no matter how much we do to tame them. Big or small Veterinarians can still be injured especially for those who work with cattle as they tend to have the worst injuries.


Construction Laborer

Laborers have many risks to be cautious off. Starting with correct PPE, all sites won’t allow you to go on a site unless you have the correct PPE for example, steel cap boots, hi-viz jacket and hard hat. Most laborers work in a large group or team, but some have their individual lone working jobs.

Some construction sites even have a crane being operated which can be a high risk of being crushed. Laborers have a lot of high risks of slips trips and falls, ear damage from loud machinery, back pain from lifting heavy equipment, Asbestos and much more.



Maybe your at high risk at work especially when working alone (lone working), this is where our tool MyTeamSafe comes in. You can try our lone working solution for 30 days free.


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5 Jobs You Can Do From Home

If you are currently working for someone else, then perhaps this blog will inspire you to think about a new job, perhaps with the luxury of working from home.

Whether you are working for someone else, from your home, or you work self-employed at home, you should consider your safety first.  What happens if you have a fall, or get an electric shock, or lock yourself in the bathroom?  There’s a whole host of things that could go wrong, but first, let’s start with something more optimistic, let’s look at some jobs that are compatible with working from home, that is also lucrative.


Web Developer

If you love designing have you ever thought of becoming a web developer? These days you can use sites like WordPress which can help you simply create a site without having to learn code. Obviously, WordPress is a learning process. But a good place to start. There’s no exact answer on how much a web developer can make.

  • You could just start off by creating a website for small business for around £500-£700.
  • The median salary for a web developer is around £40,035 – £59,667 a year or higher.

Social Media Manager 

A lot of people are familiar with Social Media, but you can also use it as a powerful marketing weapon. The role of being a Social Media Manger is managing all social media channels by scheduling posts and Engaging with your followers. Write engaging blog posts and much more.

  • As an assistant or junior social media manager, your starting salary is likely to be between £19,000 and £23,000.
  • More experienced social media managers typically earn between £25,000 and £40,000.With substantial experience, salaries can go up to £60,000, or more.

Check out: for more information about what responsibilities you will have being a Social Media Manager.


A freelancer is self-employed person offering services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time. A freelancer can offer any type of service for example: Software Engineering, Marketing, web development graphic design and much more. Freelancers vary typically from £20 – £30 per hour.


A blogger creates content, for either personal use, businesses or news. But how do you make money by making a blog?

  • You would do CPC/PPC ads. These are the cost per click ads, they are usually banners that you place in your content so that each time a reader clicks on the ad you get paid by every click.
  • There is also something called CPM ads. Which stands for “Cost per 1.000 impressions” these ads pay you a fixed amount of money on how many people view your add.

More details here:

ProBlogger readers who said they’re trying to make money by blogging found that 9% make between $1,000 and $10,000 a month and 4% make over $10,000 a month. But the vast majority makes less than $3.50 per day.


Home Teaching

Maybe you’re a professional in what you do and confident enough to teach others. For example Web Development, Marketing, Coding. You could teach anything, you might want to teach different languages or sign language.

Learn the market rates for specific projects. How much should you charge? 


If you work from home then install MyTeamSafe today – colleagues, friends and family can then be alerted if you don’t check in on time, which could even save your life.

You can try our lone working solution for 30 days free.






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