MyTeamSafe Update April 2019 – 2.0.44 (94)

Essential App update

The MyTeamSafe app uses email, SMS or push notifications when a lone working session is late and has been escalated, depending on how the company administrator has set up the escalation rules.
Push notifications enable our server to pop up a message in your app when it’s open, or display a system notification when the app is not open. 

In this release of the MyTeamSafe app the push notifications have been enhanced on Android to use the more reliable FCM push service instead of the older GCM service – GCM is going offline by 11th April therefore it is essential that you upgrade your MyTeamSafe app as soon as possible.  

 iOS also has been updated to use the same push provider, Microsoft, but it’s less critical for iOS users to upgrade the app, but it’s recommended as it’s more reliable. 

Once you upgrade MyTeamSafe to version 2.0.44 (94) push notifications should continue to work, you should not need to do anything.   

Out of an abundance of caution we are asking all users to verify that the push is working for their device.  If you’re new to the app you’ll be taken straight to the on-boarding screen where you can review the settings (step 5 onwards), but for existing users you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Launch the app
  2. Stop any active lone-working sessions
  3. Click on the settings cog icon
  4. Choose ’Settings (Permissions)’
  5. Scroll down so that ‘Push Notifications’ and the associated ‘Request’ and ’Test’ buttons are visible
  6. Click on the ’Test’ button, this should then send a test push notification to your device
  7. If you do not receive the notification popup then please click ’Test’ for a second time – it can take 20-60 seconds for the push notifications to be set up.
  8. In the unlikely event that you do not receive the notification after the second attempt please
    a) Click ‘Request’
    b) Review your MyTeamSafe notification settings
    c) Return back to the app and continue with step 7
  9. On very rare occasions, if you still do not receive a push notification, then “killing” the app and restarting and repeating the above steps will fix the lack of push notifications.


If you have any issues please contact Support via the “?” bottom right of the webpage or email


Mobile App updates

  • On occasions where phone signal is dropping in and out, the app could get stuck in the SMS fallback screen. A new button has been introduced to the SMS fallback screen to enable the user to force re-checking connectivity.

  • Map now centres on pin movement 
  • Sometimes, in poor signal areas, location updates could be missed. Locations are now queued in the app until they can be sent. In the app map screen you may now see two pins one will be your latest location identified by your phone, the other is the last recorded location being sent to the server.

Dashboard Updates

  • In the company summary option, you will now see not just session details but also the number of hours lone worker protection has been provided.

MyTeamSafe is a comprehensive lone working solution for organisations to prove their duty of care. It is for any staff that work independently or without direct supervision, even occasionally. – 

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