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MyTeamSafe Subscription Service

The MyTeamSafe subscription service ("The System") is a self-managed system.

The system only uses the data that has been entered or collected solely for the provision of your subscribed service. It will never be used in any other way or disclosed to another party, unless required by law.

For us to provide the service, as the Administrator, you sign up to our Terms and Conditions.  You need to ensure your staff are aware that you are entering their information into The System and therefore they are also signing up to our terms and conditions.

Your Organisation is responsible for the maintenance and deletion of any User information that is entered for the operation of the system, in-line with your Organisation’s policies.

Our duty is to keep your data safe and secure, which of course we take very seriously. All connections and passwords are encrypted. We have tools in place to monitor systems, attacks and hacking.

We do not hold any financial information as payments are managed by a specialist 3rd-Party provider which is PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified. We receive subscription payment confirmations for accounting purposes.

We have no access to your Organisation setup, so you will need to give us explicit consent, each and every time if you require us to provide specific system support.

We are also able to provide remote web / screen share support.

All Lone Working "Alerts" and updates created by the system via Push, SMS/Text and Email are deemed as "transactional" and necessary for the provision of the service. Therefore, no Opt-In is required buy admin or users.

It has also been deemed that other emails or SMS/Text and automated voice communications that are necessary for the smooth running of the system are also classified as transactional, as the processing is necessary for the performance of the contract, therefore no Opt-In is required.

This includes, but is not limited to, System status updates or System version updates (both Dashboard and Apps) or Updates to training/User information.


For clarity, will never use any organisational or personal information that may have been entered for Marketing purposes unless we have consent.


Cancelation of Subscription - Once a subscription has been cancelled it is your Organisation's responsibility to delete all your Company and User details as you have the right to be forgotten and the data is no longer required by HILLINGAR / MyTeamSafe.

We check for cancelled subscriptions. If Company details have not been deleted by your Organisation we will delete all organisational and User data.

As the system is regularly backed up it is acknowledged that deleted Organisation/User information could remain in encrypted backups for a short period of time. Again, this information is not accessible and would be re-deleted if for any reason a backup was restored due to system failure.


What information does the system hold/collect?

The system only holds and collects the necessary information solely for the provision of the lone worker service for your organisation. This includes;

Admin or User's Organisation, Name, email(s), mobile number(s)
Organisation, Group, User, Supervisor, lone working strategies, lone working sessions
Phone IMEI (to enable security tokens to be maintained for Push notifications/authentication)
IP Addresses (for server logs for security purposes)
Location, if agreed by recorded Organisation/User
User Status
Lone working history
Entities related to lone working



How do we use the information?

We use the information collected for authentication, authorisation and processing necessary for the performance of the lone working service that has been subscribed to.


Location Data

MyTeamSafe enables lone workers to start lone working sessions with or without location data collection. The lone worker is protected best when location data is captured. This data is private to the lone worker and their employer. All private data, including location, is not shared with any third parties.
During on-boarding the user is asked to grant permission for location capture, if this permission is granted then location data is periodically captured at the frequency defined in the active lone working strategy.

Location data is not collected without the lone worker explicitly starting a lone working session with location configured. Location capture stops immediately when the lone worker stops their active lone working session.
When the app is backgrounded the location capture will continue, enabling full protection for the lone worker.

If the location permission is denied then the user may continue to use the MyTeamSafe app, but the location data will not be collected, even if the strategy was designed and specifically expects location capture.

Any location data collected is for the critical purpose of enabling the lone workers contact(s) to locate the lone worker. For example if the lone worker fails to check in at the expected interval, the lone worker may require help. Often the custom escalation plans enable MyTeamSafe to notify the lone worker they're late using multiple channels, enabling the lone worker to self-resolve the escalation. If the lone worker subsequently fails to check-in then further escalations are processed.

The predefined automated escalations could include contacting the supervisor or extended contacts with the last location collected (if any). These escalations can be transmitted in SMS, Email, Push and voice-call alerts to the lone worker, supervisor or other defined parties in the escalation plan.
In addition all the location data can be viewed within the supervisor dashboard. This can be viewed at any time, for example to view all staffs' location on a geographic map view for situation awareness. For example a regional weather warning or terrorist threat could be raised enabling supervisors to know which lone workers may need to be contacted. Additionally the lone workers location history can be used to determine their recent locations and potential direction of travel.

MyTeamSafe have partnered with What3Words to enable sharing of the location in a friendly way, by translating the latitude and longitude into three simple words, this makes sharing locations easy to convey and particularly useful over automated phone calls.
If the lone worker does not wish to have the location data captured they can either change the location settings in the phone settings, or choose a lone working strategy with no location data capture.

Given the critical protection that location data can provide for a lone worker it is highly desirable to always enable the GPS permission and use lone working strategies with location.

If a lone working strategy defines a location capture periodically then the location collection will be attempted as close to the period specified, but sometimes less and sometimes more. The location can be recorded less if the user is not moving, or the device enters power / battery saving mode, the device is rebooted, etc. The location can be recorded more frequently if the location was originally captured with low precision and then subsequently a more accurate update is received. Once the higher precision is received then lower precision updates are discarded until a new location update is expected.
The lone worker is able to clearly see if their location is being monitored because a map will be displayed to confirm location capture. In addition an optional audible sound can be played to provide feedback when a new location has been obtained.

Companies that use MyTeamSafe must clearly explain to their staff the fundamental importance of location data and who it is processed. It is the responsibility of the company and lone worker to understand and mutually agree whether location is captured and how frequently. If the Organisation / User disagrees with location data being recorded then this can be defined in the system and/or app.

As MyTeamSafe is a self managed system, where an escalation optionally includes additional contacts the organisation must disclose to the lone worker if the contacts are third parties, e.g. monitoring companies, security companies, etc.
Companies must disclose in their training and privacy statement the use of MyTeamSafe including this link


What information do we share?

We do not share your data with any third-part, unless required to by law.
Your data is used solely to provide the Lone Working service.

MyTeamSafe® and HILLINGAR® are registered trade marks.
MyTeamSafe is a trading name of HILLINGAR Limited.


UPDATED 12/11/2020 - Additional section to clarify Location Data use.