Benefits For Business

It’s not just about a business assessing risks and ensuring you’ve covered your legal duty of care, it’s about reassuring and protecting people, every day. MyTeamSafe helps businesses stop a minor issue from turning into a frightening, time-consuming and costly incident. Legal obligations and duty of care aren’t less just because the job itself isn’t intrinsically dangerous.

Staff And Business Protection

  • Prove your duty of care, by providing a risk assessed, safe systems of work
  • Reduce potential liability to Directors, Human Resources
  • Reassure staff that their safety and wellbeing is taken seriously
  • Know where staff are, so you can respond rapidly.
  • Perfect for regular or occasional independent working
  • You keep in control, not remote call centres (ARC) that don't know your staff or your business

Cost Effective

  • Price is per service, not per person
  • No set up fees.
  • No hidden charges.
  • No need for additional devices, hardware or software – the only thing you need is a smartphone or a tablet.
  • No special training needed

Flexible And Customisable Application

  • You can choose and adjust any strategy that is suitable for the Company
  • If a panic alarm is activated a designated contact will be alerted immediately
  • Regular check-ins. Staff must regularly check-in. Late check-ins are audited, monitored and escalated using app notifications, emails and text (SMS).
  • Escalation strategies are defined by the Company Administrator.

It is true there are businesses that never have any lone working but, honestly, not many. Lone Working risks might be obvious when there is one person working on a night shift or visiting someone on their own…. But what happens when someone occasionally works from home, stays late to finish off some urgent work, opens up a little early to get a flying start on the day or works in quiet areas around a large site?

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MyTeamSafe is the simple and cost-effective solution to protect your business and your staff.

The typical small business can protect all their lone working staff for less than a small cup of coffee a day!
Even if you ignore the positive benefit of staff feeling more confident and safer, how does this cost compare to even a few day’s absence, some HR paperwork and meetings with staff, managers, possibly even legal input. Forgetting HSE’s involvement and fines up to £20,000 for each identified failure.

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