Lone working jobs – Top 5 dangerous jobs

Lone workers are at high risk of accidents no matter how dangerous the job is. Sometimes being a lone worker can become a part of everyday life. Some jobs are more dangerous than others but here are MyTeamSafes top 5 dangerous lone working jobs.

everything to know about lone workers – from the Health & Safety Authority website.

Lone Working Jobs



Farming Lone Working Jobs

Farmers are one of the most vulnerable workers on the planet and more likely to have an accident. In fact, they could suffer from a very bad accident. Farmers usually work alone and in very wide open spaces and also operate dangerous machinery on a daily basis. According to the Health and Safety Executive, farmers have the second most dangerous job in the UK. A number of fatalities occur, from industrial accidents to angry animals.


Retail Workers

Retail Worker

Some retail workers work alone, that could be in a small shop or even in a petrol station, these type of jobs could be exceptionally dangerous especially at night time. Thieves will target shops that only have one person behind the till which could put the retail worker in a life-threatening situation. Such as being taken as hostage or even threatened with a weapon to hand over cash from the till.


Working with explosives

Working With Explosives

Just hearing the word explosives automatically makes you think danger. Working alone with explosive equipment is a very dangerous situation to be in. Accidents do happen but sadly you will not come off lightly with an explosive going off. Working in such dangerous environments should require a lone working solution so that they can act quickly. (MyTeamSafe Panic Button)


Council Staff

Council Staff

Council staff can have their bad days and good days but when it comes to removing a child or visiting a business to shut it down, this can lead to violence and possible threats against the lone worker. Council staff are required to do regular home visits which can also make the worker uncomfortable but also the person they are visiting.

Workers who complete repairs alone

Working alone in a garage

Maintenance workers can work hours alone. That could be fixing machinery, working at heights, using high power tools and working at night. Someone working alone and working freely can be very dangerous. Many accidents can occur such as falling from heights and harming themselves fixing machinery or using high power tools which could also end up being a fatal accident. Working nights could result in slips trips and falls.



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