How does The MyTeamSafe Lone Working App Work?

Account type

Administrators can create new users into the appropriate groups.

Lone working permission enables this user to start/stop lone working sessions.

On-site list permission enables the user to receive a fire roster, triggered by SMS with the message ‘FIRE <pin>’. The roster arrives immediately afterwards to their primary email.


The primary email and SMS

contact details are used when a lone working session is active and the user has not checked-in on time. Additionally, the secondary contact details are useful for scenarios where the user might have a personal device that they can be contacted via in emergencies.


Creating A Strategy

Strategies enable you to set up custom lone working rules (how often to check-in, whether GPS should be captured) and escalations (who to contact when the user is late checking-in), depending on the risk associated to the roles (jobs) in your company.



Freq. Of user updates – How frequently the lone worker needs to check-in to the app, typically hourly (depends on the risk)

GPS accuracy – The GPS (map) feature can drain the battery, so it’s advised to not set this too frequently, to preserve the lone-workers battery.

Add Button – This will add a button to the MyTeamSafe app on your mobile device.

Panic Button – Once the panic function is ticked this will add a panic button to the MyTeamSafe app. Optionally you can also turn on the ‘shake’ mode, which requires the lone- worker to shake the device three times quickly to activate the panic mode.




An escalation indicates what must be done when the lone worker is late checking-in, you can target messages to the lone worker or supervisor, to their mobile app (push notifications), email, or text (SMS). Each message can be fully customized via templates.



The dashboard will provide an overview of everyone in the company (grouped together within the groups you define).



Staff can indicate whether they are on-site, off-site or absent.

This function is completely independent to the Lone Working facility.

When a lone worker has started a lone working session, the administrators can graphically see how long before they are due to check-in and whether they are late and whether escalations have occurred (push notifications, email, text / SMS)

This eye symbol allows you to view the recent GPS locations for a User for either the current active session or their last session. Included in the report is a table showing what escalations have occurred.


The pencil symbol allows you to edit any User information.

On The MyTeamSafe Lone Working App


  • Once your account has been set up you will receive an email confirmation with your login credentials.


  • This is the login screen (we are using iOS for this example, other devices are similar)


  • Type in your Username (email address) and Password (set up by the Administrator).


  • Click on the “Remember me?” button to save your details for later (keeps you logged in).



  • You can choose your on-site status (On-site, Off-site or Absent). The button with a white border confirms your choice.


  • All the regular Strategies available to you are shown in green. The default Strategy to use will be highlighted with a white border.


  • The PANIC strategy should be used in cases of an emergency.



  • Once you have chosen your Strategy it will confirm how often you will need to check-in (respond).


  • Click the green button twice to start your lone working session.




  • If you wish to stop a lone working session click the red button twice and enter your PIN.


  • The time remaining (minutes) before the lone worker needs to check in, is shown at the bottom of the screen.



  • When a check-in is required, an alarm will sound and you will be asked to confirm you are safe.


  • The number pad will show and you will be asked to confirm your PIN


  • Type in the PIN and press the green button. (NOTE: this will say “I’m Okay” for confirmation check in or “Finish” when you finish the session).


  • You will start another countdown if you have confirmed you are ok or you will go back to the home screen if you have terminated your session.

MyTeamSafe® is a lone-working app. Making sure your lone workers and employees check in regularly, notifying you as a supervisor that they are safe.

MyTeamSafe website – you can try our lone working solution free for 30 days, with text (SMS), email and push notifications.

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