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A lot of people don’t follow the health and safety system, but there are many reasons why it’s in place. One reason is to prevent accidents from occurring whether they are big or small. Secondly, you could save yourself from injuries or even death. Health and safety has become stricter because of more and more deaths occurring every year. A lot of people decide to do work themselves (example brickwork) rather than hire an agency, which we all know can be pricey but these people do not necessarily have the correct skills to carry these jobs out. Many accidents happen when lone working and these people are more vulnerable to having an accident.


  • If you use low quality and poorly designed tools and equipment, there is a huge chance of them breaking on you at some point which could cause you a lot of harm. You could even lead to health and safety hazards like trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, white finger, tendonitis and more!


  • Signs are very important. Whether you are working on the construction site or not its important to protect people from your dangerous operating machines, sparks and falling parts. This is especially needed for pedestrians that could be walking past or through the construction site.


  • When you’re in the construction industry you must be aware of your surroundings whilst you are working, especially trip hazards and low clearance areas where you can trip and hurt your self or even worse. This can happen a lot more than you think. Always keep an ear out for forklift trucks and other machinery that could be driving around the site.


  • You need to pay the most attention when working with scaffolding as this can be a very dangerous workplace even on the best of days. Make sure the scaffolding itself is strong and erected on a nice solid surface. Any scaffolding or planks must not be supported on uneven objects or uneven surfaces. Keep scaffolding well away from powered lines to stay on the safe side during work especially if you are lone working.


  • Always check your tools before you use them for any split cables or any damages.


  • Always think DO I NEED A HARD HAT?

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