Santa Has A Lone Working App

Santa Christmas

This year Mrs Claus has chosen MyTeamSafe to show duty of care to Santa.

This Christmas Santa and his wife are very excited to have subscribed to MyTeamSafe® lone working app. With Santa’s easy regular check-ins around the world, Mrs. Claus is reassured he is always OK.

Santa can write notes to Mrs. Claus letting her know where his next stop is. If he feels unsafe and a naughty child is still awake he can always use the panic button. This immediately alerts Mrs. Claus with his exact location so she can quickly send Elfergency services.

MyTeamSafe … keeping hardworking Santa, and other Organisations, safer every day of the year.

Why does Santa have a lone working solution?


Mrs Claus wanted the ability to check Santa is safe this year. So she looked into lone working solutions and found MyTeamSafe’s safety app.

MyTeamSafe ensures that your lone working requirements are fully satisfied. Santa will be well looked after this Christmas.

Mrs Claus has setup up a custom strategy in MyTeamSafe, which is a fully customisable feature allowing you to create the perfect strategy for your business needs.

For example, in low-risk scenarios, your strategy might require the lone worker to check in every 2 hours. They would be reminded with an alarm and push notification. When they are 15 minutes late checking in they would be alerted again. Then a final reminder by email when 30 minutes late. If they do not respond then their Supervisor would be informed by push, text or email with the worker’s last location and contact details.

But it doesn’t stop there – MyTeamSafe is much more powerful.

You can even write notes to your supervisor!

What Miss Claus sees on here Web Dashboard

Here you can see that Santa has written a note in the app. Mrs. Claus can view this on her web dashboard or if it was urgent it would be sent directly to her phone. This is such an easy way to keep Mrs Claus reassured he is having a safe journey and where he may be visiting next.

Mrs Claus can also keep a sharp eye on Santa by using GPS location. Mrs Claus and Santa had discussed if they wanted this feature either ON or OFF. They agreed with all the travelling around the world she thought it would be best to have it on. Now she can kick back in front of the fire with a hot chocolate and watch Santa travel the world from her Dash(er)board.

MyTeamSafe is filled with great features.

  • Automatic escalations
  • Audit Report
  • Real-time tracking
  • Panic alarm
  • Central web dashboard
  • Simple to use app with SMS fall-back
  • Note recording
  • Group and company management
  • Fire Roster
  • Usage Report (Company Summary)

And more…

With MyTeamSafe you will be given a 1 month free trial on any package. Once logged in there is plenty of Support Documentation and videos so that you know how the system works. Alternatively simply call our friendly team who are always happy to help.

MyTeamSafe’s Website Click Here





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Top 10 Relaxation Tips

Feeling stressed? 😞

Sometimes you just need to relax - take a deep breath and then read about 10 relaxation tools that we really like.  Many of these tools simply run in your browser, simply keep a tab open to keep the tool running in the background whilst you work.


1 Ambicular

Does the sound of nature relax you? Ambicular offers amazing sounds making you feel yours in the middle of a tropical forest in the day or night. You can select which awesome sound effects to turn on with your preferred volume level to achieve your personal atmospheric noise.


2 Rainy Mood

Love listening to the rain whilst you work? Just hit play and get lost in the beautiful sound of rain. Rainy mood helps you to focus, relax, and sleep.   You could also use this on a very hot day to try and fool yourself it is cooler than it is.


3 Pixel Thoughts

Do you have a nagging negative thought?  Type that thought into this website and it will help you put it into perspective.  This also acts as a minute long meditation to help clear your mind.


4 Silk

Using Silk may help you keep your mind off your stress by creating abstract images. Loose yourself in art and get creative, it's amazing what you can make using Silk check out what others have made in Silk.

You can even download Silk on your mobile device, this could be nice because you are then able to use your fingers more naturally.


5 Hipstersound

Create your own custom atmosphere, stay relaxed and focused in a busy Texas cafe or even Paris.  Add sound effects making your perfect atmosphere to relax in.


6 Moodica

Something a little more visual, take a break and visit Moodica, sit back, watch. and relax. Moodica offers realistic sounds with great video content which makes you feel that you are there.


7 RainbowHunt

RainbowHunt offers awesome and realistic sounds which enable you to tweak individual volume levels - you might want to listen to the rain rebounding of the windows, or just listen to the thunderstorm whilst you work.



From leaves rustling in the wind to a crackling bonfire. Asmrion allows you to choose your atmosphere or combine all of them together to create a custom relaxation sound that suits you the best.


Breathing exercises with Apple Watch


In addition to reminding you to stand and walk throughout the day, watchOS 3 has a nifty feature that will prompt you to take a minute to relax, focus and meditate.  It's simply called 'Breathe' and is a handy way of making sure you take the much deserved time to pause from work and concentrate on your breathing.


10 Soothing Relaxation

Like to listen to Meditation music? Soothing relaxation helps ease stress by the power of music.

If you know of more high-quality relaxation tools, then let us know in the comments.

In addition to those cool relaxation tools, you can also feel less stressed when you know that your employers are keeping an eye on your safety, especially when working alone (lone working), this is where our tool MyTeamSafe comes in. You can try our lone working solution for 30 days free. Protect lone workers

Commuting Safety Tips


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Lone working jobs – Top 5 dangerous jobs

Lone workers are at high risk of accidents no matter how dangerous the job is. Sometimes being a lone worker can become a part of everyday life. Some jobs are more dangerous than others but here are MyTeamSafes top 5 dangerous lone working jobs.

everything to know about lone workers – from the Health & Safety Authority website.

Lone Working Jobs



Farming Lone Working Jobs

Farmers are one of the most vulnerable workers on the planet and more likely to have an accident. In fact, they could suffer from a very bad accident. Farmers usually work alone and in very wide open spaces and also operate dangerous machinery on a daily basis. According to the Health and Safety Executive, farmers have the second most dangerous job in the UK. A number of fatalities occur, from industrial accidents to angry animals.


Retail Workers

Retail Worker

Some retail workers work alone, that could be in a small shop or even in a petrol station, these type of jobs could be exceptionally dangerous especially at night time. Thieves will target shops that only have one person behind the till which could put the retail worker in a life-threatening situation. Such as being taken as hostage or even threatened with a weapon to hand over cash from the till.


Working with explosives

Working With Explosives

Just hearing the word explosives automatically makes you think danger. Working alone with explosive equipment is a very dangerous situation to be in. Accidents do happen but sadly you will not come off lightly with an explosive going off. Working in such dangerous environments should require a lone working solution so that they can act quickly. (MyTeamSafe Panic Button)


Council Staff

Council Staff

Council staff can have their bad days and good days but when it comes to removing a child or visiting a business to shut it down, this can lead to violence and possible threats against the lone worker. Council staff are required to do regular home visits which can also make the worker uncomfortable but also the person they are visiting.

Workers who complete repairs alone

Working alone in a garage

Maintenance workers can work hours alone. That could be fixing machinery, working at heights, using high power tools and working at night. Someone working alone and working freely can be very dangerous. Many accidents can occur such as falling from heights and harming themselves fixing machinery or using high power tools which could also end up being a fatal accident. Working nights could result in slips trips and falls.



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6 ways to protect your vehicle this winter

Avoid damaging your vehicle

There are more hazards than just driving on the road in freezing conditions, here are 6 things you must know before you go out on the road to help prevent you from damaging your vehicle, causing a bigger hazard or even breaking the highway code.

Don’t pour boiling water on a frozen windscreen.

About to go to work? or do the school run? You go outside and your windscreen is frozen, its so important you do not use boiling hot water to remove the ice from your windscreen. The extreme change in temperatures (really cold to really hot) could result in a bigger issue, a cracked glass. De-icer spray works well Or even salt water.

Why salt water?

Saltwater freezes at a much lower temperature than normal which will melt the ice. This is why you see the winter service vehicles (salt trucks and plows). You could even use an old blanket to cover your windscreen through the night to prevent ice on the windscreen the next morning.


Only use a proper scraper to remove ice/snow from your windscreen.

If you decide to scrape ice or snow from your windscreen the best tool to use is an ice scraper. Using anything else can result in damages to your windscreen like permanent scratches. It’s a very bad idea to use anything else but an ice scraper because you will only see the damage once the ice has been removed which could also result in you getting a new windscreen!

Using things like your license, bank card, CD cover or anything with a metal edge you may find in your glove box could result in you damaging your windscreen with a lot of scratches becuase you have to press harder for it to get through the ice.


If your doors or windows are frozen don’t force them open.

Apart from the hazards with frozen windscreens its also common to have frozen doors and windows, if they are both frozen the best way around this is to try pouring warm water over the handle and the edge of the window, make sure this warm water is not boiling because this will result in cracking like the windscreens.

If you have a car that has electric windows and they are frozen the worse thing to do is keep pressing the button to bring it down. Doing this can result in you burning out the motor this could also result in a hole in your wallet. If you want to put your windows down the best thing to do is wait for the inside of your car to warm up.


Don’t let down your tyre pressure to increase grip when driving.

Most people get told to let down your tyres in icy and snowy conditions for better grip on the road. This is not true and in fact, youll lose some stability on the road which will make driving in horrible conditions worse.

Make sure to check your tyre pressure that it’s at a safe level through the horrible conditions because it can drop in cold weather. You may have heard of winter tyres, these can be pricey but will be worth the buy if you’re always driving in harsh icy conditions, these tyres are designed to give you better traction and braking in the snow and also wet conditions. So if you have the money for winter tyres then get them.


Don’t leave snow on the roof of your car.


Its so important to remove the snow from the top of your vehicle,  leaving snow on your roof is actually a violation of the highway code, why? Because when you break, that snow on your roof will then fall onto your windscreen obstructing your view.

People attend to do the windows/windscreen on their car and forget about the remaining snow on the roof. It’s important to remove this snow from the roof because this could also affect other road users, the snow on your roof could fly off hitting the vehicle behind covering their windscreen which could cause a crash.

You can also use Vehicle Smart to set reminders, such as your winter service, or remind yourself of your tyre pressures (which are different for winter) and much more.



MyTeamSafe® is a lone-working app. Making sure your lone workers and employees check in regularly, notifying you as a supervisor that they are safe.

MyTeamSafe website – you can try our lone working solution free for 30 days, with text (SMS), email and push notifications.

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Safety App – MyTeamSafes Panic Alarm


The panic button is used for serious scenarios such as accidents or for when you feel you are in a vulnerable or unsafe situation. This helps your Supervisor to act quickly to these situations.

Once the panic button has been pressed a window will pop up asking you if you are sure about starting the panic mode. Once you press the button “YES” you will see that the background behind the buttons will then turn red. Depending on your defined strategy your supervisor can be contacted Via email and SMS immediately once the panic button has been applied.



What Can Your Supervisor See?


Your Supervisor will be contacted immediately via SMS or email to alert them that you are in a panic mode and they can decide what actions need to be taken. Your escalation notifications will then remain silent so other people around you will be unaware that you have started a panic session.

Note: The supervisor can also check out your current location if GPS location has been switched on within the strategy.


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Are your staff happy to be in a building on their own?

Now it’s darker outside, are your staff happy to be in a building on their own?

When it's dark outside it does change how people feel when they are left on their own; opening up, locking up or just working late. Staff might not say anything, but actually the reassurance that someone is looking out for them goes a long way for staff well-being and moral. Even a minor incident, that happens in a dark empty building, can have a lasting impact on the individual and the company.

The MyTeamSafe® app reassures staff and protects the business at a tiny monthly cost, giving you a peace of mind knowing your staff are safe.

MyTeamSafe® is a great way to provide your duty of care to all employees in the workplace, especially your lone workers.

HSE - In general, health and safety laws apply to all businesses, no matter how small. Employers are responsible for health and safety and need to take the right precautions to reduce the risks of workplace dangers and provide a safe working environment.

HSE - Managing health and safety is an integral part of managing your business. You need to do a risk assessment to find out about the risks in your workplace, put sensible measures in place to control them, and make sure they stay controlled.

Accidents do happen. MyTeamSafe® caters for multiple scenarios…

  • Panic - If you have an accident, or need to raise a panic alarm, you can initiate this at any time.
  • Check-in - During normal operation, everyone just checks in regularly, indicating that they are safe.
  • Late - If you have an accident and can't reach your phone, or you are unconscious, MyTeamSafe® will detect that you have not checked in and escalate automatically.

If you don't check in within the right time your supervisor will be notified that you're late. This gives him/her a chance to act quickly and check your last location and then decide what course of action to take.

For example, in a high-risk role, you might be expected to check in every 20 minutes. If you are late, your supervisor will be notified. This gives your supervisor the chance to react, perhaps to call you, or other employees that may be working near you, or to start looking for you at your last known location.

You can assign your lone working strategy to your whole company, a group, or specific staff members.

It takes less than 15 minutes get setup and go live. A simple phone app with quick check-in at user defined intervals or Panic Alarm. Keep control with total flexibility. Suitable for all sizes of business. Central web dashboard allows you to manage & monitor users as well as their locations. MyTeamSafe even has documentations to help you setup your company in a more effective way which can benefit you and your business.

Staff feel significantly safer knowing their health and wellbeing is core consideration at all times. Apart from covering your corporate responsibility, staff are much more productive, with reduced absence if they feel they are valued and looked after. Even a minor incident can have a knock on impact on everyone’s health, trust and confidence in the company. MyTeamSafe ensures staff always feel safer when working independently. If an incident does occur it is managed by someone the person knows, not an impersonal call centre that doesn’t know the situation.

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MyTeamSafe – Loneworking & Duty Of Care


MyTeamSafe® is a simple to use App & Dashboard. A cost-effective light touch solution for reassuring your lone workers. It is flexible and keeps YOU in control rather than impersonal call centres.

MyTeamSafe® is a comprehensive and self-managed solution for businesses to prove their duty of care for all staff that work independently or without direct supervision, even occasionally.

MyTeamSafe is specifically designed to simply keep the business in control. No need for costly call centres that don’t know you, your business, or your staff.

With MyTeamSafe you know your staff are OK and where they all are.


MyTeamSafe is for Organisations and Individuals that work in all areas, including:

Social work/Care


What Is Duty Of Care?

Duty of Care” is the legal obligation to ensure the safety and well being of others.

All UK companies have a responsibility to ensure that their employees do not suffer from any harm or loss in the workplace ensuring that they are safe at all times – This is known as duty of care.


What is LoneWorking?

“Those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision, either employees who work separately from others in an establishment or mobile workers who work away from a fixed base.”

A lone worker is not just someone who is staying late, or coming in at the weekend, but can be someone working when others are in the same building, but some distance away, out of immediate contact.

If there is potential for an accident to occur particularly if the worker will not be able to raise the alarm or be found quickly, then appropriate precautions must be taken as if they are a lone worker.


Employees who may be classed as Lone Workers include the following:

•Caretakers with the responsibility of opening and closing a building.

•Staff working outside of normal hours.

•Cleaning staff.

•Staff working in an isolated part of a building.

•School staff working during holiday periods.

Tasks Prohibited When Working Alone must be carried out to establish if the work can go ahead.

•Work at Height.

•Work underground.

•Work on electrical, gas or plumbing systems.

•Work involving chemicals/dangerous substances, or the transport thereof.

•Work involving excavations or areas likely to cause a landslip or cave in.

•Work using ladders.


For more Information about loneworkers visit our blog post :



Why Was MyTeamSafe Created?

MyTeamSafe® was created because of Rob Little’s concern for some of HILLINGAR’s Supply Chain consultancy clients. The problem was that warehouse or office staff were working late or opening and locking up a building on their own, often in the dark. None of these situations were intrinsically dangerous but accidents do happen and had. Some staff were naturally apprehensive but didn’t want to make a fuss. The company had an uncontrolled risk and their duty of care was not covered. Nothing serious had happened and solutions always looked costly or complex, so nothing was done. Read More


Do You Know Your Lone Workers Are Safe?

Working late, opening/locking up, working from home, even going to external meetings. These situations might not be intrinsically dangerous but, even with a minor incident, the business is still responsible.

By law, you are responsible to protect your staff’s welfare. Each violation could cost you £20,000. Lone workers are particularly vulnerable, even for short periods of time (e.g. locking up, off-site visits or working from home).

MyTeamSafe monitors your staff safety through a mobile app and web dashboard. You keep control, not costly impersonal call centres. Sessions start automatically or manually with optional location tracking (GPS). Find out today how easy it is to protect your staff and your business.



Why Choose MyTeamSafe?

MyTeamSafe ensures staff always feel safer when working independently. If an incident does occur it is managed by someone the person knows.

It takes less than 15 minutes get setup and go live. A simple phone app with quick check-in at user defined intervals or Panic Alarm. Keep control with total flexibility. Suitable for all sizes of business.

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