How to organise work in the most effective way during travel disruptions

Southern railway and London tube’s strikes that occur frequently have an impact not only on our everyday activity, but most importantly on our ability to get to work on time or even at all. According to the law, usually staff are not paid for travel delays; however, some companies could offer discretionary payments for travel disruption.

Today let’s talk about the best ways to organise the workforce in the situation of public transport cancellations.

  • Flexibility and work from home

Due to bad weather and train cancellations’ an employer could suggest to its staff working from home. It could be a win-win situation for both. Using laptops and smartphones from home do not influence on working activity. Employees still can meet deadlines, stay safe at home and even save time and money.

  • Smart planning

Consider reviewing policy and predict all possible scenarios. The best option for a company is to include all force majeure situations “bad weather conditions”, “public transport disruptions” etc. into the company’s policy. As a result in the case of such occasions the employee will know how to act and the employer will protect itself and their staff.

  • Lone working app

MyTeamSafe is specifically designed to simply keep the business in control ( It is a quick to set up and simple to operate application with a range of affordable subscriptions that provides the whole organisation with a comprehensive, flexible and robust safety solution. You can choose and adjust any strategy that is suitable for the Company. Staff must regularly check-in. Late check-ins are audited, monitored and escalated using app notifications, emails and text (SMS). What is more, a central web dashboard allows you to manage and monitor users as well as their locations.

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