what3words – Complex locations, made simple

Once in a while the MyTeamSafe team stop and say WOW! … this is one of those moments.

Chris Sheldrick worked in the music industry for 10 years and always struggled to get bands to arrive at exactly the right place.
With creative thinking and talking to a Mathematician … he managed to divide the world into 3m  x 3m squares…. with a unique combination of three random words. 57 trillion squares … 3 words.

Sounds a bit of fun … but it actually, literally, changes the world.

So you’re lost, on a street. Even if you know the street name, where on it are you?

Now, how about you’re lost in a forest (not a reference to The Cure song)…. try explaining that to get help.

With what3words app … your location is described as 3 different words. Just give these three words to whoever needs to know and they can get directions to your exact location.. it’s that simple.

Read more here about Chris’ amazing story …. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-49319760

Of course it’s always good to understand any limitations imposed on great new ideas.
The accuracy of the location may be described by an exact 3m square but this calculations is only as accurate as the device you use. There can be a big discrepancy between an accurate GPS location, may be 5-10 metres and one gained by “Network” scanning (which is typically used to save battery life on mobile phones) which could be 100’s metres different.


This is a brilliant system so you can tell someone where you are if you are lost or simply need to meet up.
Don’t mix this type of solution up with robust Lone Worker safety solutions, such as MyTeamSafe.
Knowing someone’s location is only one aspect of Lone Worker safety. It’s critical people working alone periodically check-in as safe, an automated escalation process if they don’t.
MyTeamSafe protects people working on their own everyday, everywhere…. out making visits, working late or occasionally working from home. Ensuring the wellbeing of staff and that the organisation meets their legal duty of care obligations.

Find out more about MyTeamSafe’s unique approach to protection lone workers and your business https://content.myteamsafe.com/

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