10 Health And Safety Myths You Might Have heard

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Graduates have been banned from throwing their mortarboards up in the air


Safety Myths – Being injured by one of these is highly unlikely. The only concern is making sure they come back in good condition after use. This is not a health and safety issue.

Flip Flops have been banned to wear at work


It can get very hot in or out of the work place when it comes to summer so we do try to minimise what we wear and find ways to keep cool, sometimes that can be wearing sandals. Even though trips, slips and falls are increased by 30% of having an accident, health and safety have not banned sandals when you’re at work but they do consider that wearing what you have on your feet makes a huge difference.

Replacing all park benches because they are three inches too low

I know what you’re thinking… How can there be such a myth on benches? how can that possibly be a health and safety issue? well, its not. there is no such thing as a height requirement on benches, this myth came from a facility manager that has no idea about the law on health and safety.

Hanging up baskets have been banned in case of people causing injury by bumping their heads.


In 2004 there was a town that did take down all hanging baskets because they feared that the old lamp posts may collapse. This was a little over the top for such a low risk.

Candy floss has been banned on a stick in case you trip and pierce your self.


Usually, the times you see candy floss being sold is usually at carnivals or events or generally someone pushing a cart selling it through your local town. You may have seen in the news papers that candy floss is a high risk of injury from the stick. Health and safety have not banned candy floss on the stick and a lot of people believe this myth, that’s why you now see candy floss in a bag rather than it being sold on a stick.

Trapeze artists have been told to wear hard hats at all times


Hard hats come into great use when it comes to the construction site due to small objects landing on your head from above. But why would Trapeze artists need a construction hat? Well, they don’t: according to health and safety, this myth was total nonsense and there has never been such regulations.

People who work in offices are banned from putting any type of Christmas decorations up


Each year this myth always comes about. Saying that the decorations could be a health and safety issue when it comes to people working in an office. There are a lot of companies that have banned putting up decorations because of this. But according to health and safety and the HSE, they happily celebrate and keep the Christmas spirit going every year by decorating their office. They just state that you need to make sure you’re provided with safe ladders rather than balancing your self on your office chairs or desks. So decorating your work office is not banned and not a health and safety issue.

Children have been banned from playing the game conkers unless they use goggles when playing


Remember the old days playing conkers? This myth was made in a school one time from a head teacher saying that pupils can only play the game if wearing goggles, this quickly escalated and reached out to other schools which then banned conkers from being played at school unless using goggles or even gloves!! According to health and safety, this game is not putting you at any risk at all, if kids decide to attack each other with the conkers on the string then that would be classed as assault and the pupil must be disciplined, apart from that this is not a health and safety issue.

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