5 Jobs You Can Do From Home

If you are currently working for someone else, then perhaps this blog will inspire you to think about a new job, perhaps with the luxury of working from home.

Whether you are working for someone else, from your home, or you work self-employed at home, you should consider your safety first.  What happens if you have a fall, or get an electric shock, or lock yourself in the bathroom?  There’s a whole host of things that could go wrong, but first, let’s start with something more optimistic, let’s look at some jobs that are compatible with working from home, that is also lucrative.


Web Developer

If you love designing have you ever thought of becoming a web developer? These days you can use sites like WordPress which can help you simply create a site without having to learn code. Obviously, WordPress is a learning process. But a good place to start. There’s no exact answer on how much a web developer can make.

  • You could just start off by creating a website for small business for around £500-£700.
  • The median salary for a web developer is around £40,035 – £59,667 a year or higher.

Social Media Manager 

A lot of people are familiar with Social Media, but you can also use it as a powerful marketing weapon. The role of being a Social Media Manger is managing all social media channels by scheduling posts and Engaging with your followers. Write engaging blog posts and much more.

  • As an assistant or junior social media manager, your starting salary is likely to be between £19,000 and £23,000.
  • More experienced social media managers typically earn between £25,000 and £40,000.With substantial experience, salaries can go up to £60,000, or more.

Check out: https://www.prospects.ac.uk/job-profiles/social-media-manager for more information about what responsibilities you will have being a Social Media Manager.


A freelancer is self-employed person offering services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time. A freelancer can offer any type of service for example: Software Engineering, Marketing, web development graphic design and much more. Freelancers vary typically from £20 – £30 per hour.


A blogger creates content, for either personal use, businesses or news. But how do you make money by making a blog?

  • You would do CPC/PPC ads. These are the cost per click ads, they are usually banners that you place in your content so that each time a reader clicks on the ad you get paid by every click.
  • There is also something called CPM ads. Which stands for “Cost per 1.000 impressions” these ads pay you a fixed amount of money on how many people view your add.

More details here: https://www.bloggingbasics101.com/how-can-i-make-money-from-my-blog/

ProBlogger readers who said they’re trying to make money by blogging found that 9% make between $1,000 and $10,000 a month and 4% make over $10,000 a month. But the vast majority makes less than $3.50 per day.



Home Teaching

Maybe you’re a professional in what you do and confident enough to teach others. For example Web Development, Marketing, Coding. You could teach anything, you might want to teach different languages or sign language.

Learn the market rates for specific projects. How much should you charge? http://www.njcreatives.org/how_much_should_i_charge/ 


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