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Vulnerable jobs – Your staff that work independently are at more risk than your staff that works in the office.

Work without direct supervision isn’t always dangerous, but some jobs are more vulnerable than others.

We’ve put together the riskiest lone worker jobs for you to read so you can prove your duty of care for your staff today before something might happen.

1. Care Workers/Community Nurses

Some research stresses that nursing ranks as one of the most physically hazardous industry with an incident rate of more than 12 percent (U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, BLS).
Community nurses who have to visit patients in their homes, as well as personal care assistants, are at risk of verbal and violent abuse. Companies can and should take some measures to protect their most vulnerable staff because lone workers in other people’s property are at risk. As well as the risk of abuse from patients and relatives, these workers also have the risk of being attacked outside if they carry drugs.

2. Retail Workers

In the UK 90% of business is sa mall and medium business. In small stores and petrol stations, especially those open at night, retail workers often work alone. While it doesn’t seem as risky as being a security guard on the night shift, thieves will also target these facilities when there is only one member of staff protecting the till.

3. Farmers

Careers in farming and ranching come with inherent dangers, due to the use of heavy equipment and powerful livestock.
4. Delivery workers and Taxi Drivers

Delivery workers and taxi drivers are also vulnerable groups. The high incident rate of taxi drivers and delivery workers being robbed only adds to the workplace danger of these jobs.

5. Council Staff (Social workers, housing officers, environmental Health Officers)

Some job roles within local government require home visits to members of the community which may not make staff feel welcome. These roles include social workers, housing officers etc. Employees may need to visit a home to remove a child or visit a business to shut it down – both are scenarios which have an element of danger as people could react badly to the council worker.

The safety of independent workers should always be a priority. In most cases, remote workforce monitoring software can alert managers to any abnormal activity. The most important thing is that all companies should take care of their independent (lone) workers and show their duty of care. Light touch app solutions for business are the best way to do that. Minimum costs with maximum results.



Protecting Lone Workers On The Road.

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