SMS Fallback

When you have no 3G/4G data and no internet connection you can still use MyTeamSafe via SMS (Text)

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Smart Phones

If you have a Smartphone and have no Internet access or 3G/4G connection available you will see this screen indicating that you need to use SMS text messages as a fallback.

If you are connected to the Internet you can use the app.  You can also use the app if you have 3G/4G connection.  However, if you have run out of data you will not be able to use the app via 3G/4G and will have to use the SMS commands as a fallback​


No mobile data

If you have ran out of mobile data MyTeamSafe will let you know that you can use SMS as a fallback.  (Using SMS enables you to still use MyTeamSafe via SMS)

SMS FallBack - Mute

The mute option will prevent the app displaying the stale reminder notifications. When you next successfully communicate with the MyTeamSafe server (when data is available again) the notifications will synchronise and resume.

It's therefore advisable to try to resume the app periodically to synchronise, which will update the reminders for your next check-in. If you do not synchronise you will not receive these early reminders, but the escalation alerts will still happen, for example if your 15 minutes late and the strategy is defined to send you a notification and an SMS then the notification may appear (subject to data availability) followed by the SMS (subject to carrier signal).




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