SMS Fallback

When you have no 3G/4G data and no internet connection you can still use MyTeamSafe via SMS (Text)

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 12.21.04

Smart Phones

If you have a Smartphone and have no Internet access or 3G/4G connection available you will see this screen indicating that you need to use SMS text messages as a fallback.

If you are connected to the Internet you can use the app.  You can also use the app if you have 3G/4G connection.  However, if you have run out of data you will not be able to use the app via 3G/4G and will have to use the SMS commands as a fallback​


No mobile data

If you have ran out of mobile data MyTeamSafe will let you know that you can use SMS as a fallback.  (Using SMS enables you to still use MyTeamSafe via SMS)

Check out our app docs

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