Fire Roster

MyTeamSafe has a feature that allows you to text 'Fire' to the MyTeamSafe number. This then sends back a fire roster letting you know which employees are on-site, off-site or absent based on what the Users have set in their app.

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The approved Users can text “FIRE” to the MyTeamSafe mobile number.  They will then receive an email fire roster showing which employees are On-Site, Off-Site or Absent.

Enable On Site List

To enable users to request a fire roster (on-site list) you must first log in to the admin portal, then turn on the ‘on-site permission’ for each user that is permitted to initiate the fire roster. This is performed via the user management tab.

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Fire Roster Email

An email will be sent to EVERY user in the company with the ‘on-site list’ permission.

If a user has not changed their on-site status recently, they will be clearly marked with red to highlight that their status is stale.
The email will include a list of all users within the company, separated per group.

on-site = GREEN

off-site = AMBER

absent = GREY

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Check out our app docs

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