How MyTeamSafe can help you with Wellbeing

If you want to find out more about staff wellbeing in general then click this link - What is Wellbeing?

MyTeamSafe doesn't just focus on lone worker safety, it also enables you to collect short surveys from your staff.  Surveys can be used to monitor anything you like, but in this page we are focusing on monitoring the wellbeing of your staff.

When regularly using surveys you are finally able to quantitively review the answers over time to unlock insights about your staff (which until now you might have made assumptions).

For example if the trend shows a decline in wellbeing then you can proactively review your policies, then monitor for a subsequent improvement in future months. If there is no change then you need to continue to understand the underlying issues and further evolve policies and procedures.

The cost saving of proactively maintaining and improving staff wellbeing can lead to greater and more consistent productivity,  less absenteeism, less presenteeism and lower staff turnover.

By periodically answering a few simple questions, in the MyTeamSafe app, you get a detailed record and real-life view of the wellbeing of your remote working staff.

Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 15.27.56

Once the range questions, options and frequency are setup for your company, periodically a Question bubble will pop-up on user's app screen as a nudge to provide responses.

Questions can be of a more legal/compliance nature, such as working environment or Screen breaks to focusing on handling workload or general feelings.

All answers are logged and then summarised in chart form in the app, but only visible to Admin/Supervisors.

The feature is currently in BETA as we learn and tune the features.
Currently our support team need to set up the questions and rules but in the near future there will be a Company user interface so you can manage all the functionality and data reporting.

Simple questions,  great insight

How is your workload?

Understand if staff are able to manage and keep on top of their current workload;

1 = Never

5 = Most of the time

10 = Always

How are you feeling working from home?

Monitor how people are coping working over a period of time;

1 = Really struggling

5 = No different to being in the office

10 = I really prefer working from home!


Answering questions within the app

In this example we are using the question "its important to take your regular screen breaks. Have you taken your screen break?"

To answer your question swipe right on the scroller, you will know which range you have picked from the big number shown above the scroller.

1 = No

2 = Shorter than Usual

3 = Yes (Full Break)

See screen shot to identify the scroller and range chosen.

Reviewing Answers 

To see the "Answers" section you must be setup as a supervisor within the MyTeamSafe system (The Answers tab is located in the bottom right screen, see screenshot).

This simple summary visualisation of worker responses gives the organisation reassurance they truly know what is going, if their staff are OK and have an opportunity to take suitable action if not.

Questions can be configured to alert the supervisor when a user has answered below a certain value, giving the supervisor the ability to take action if necessary.


Choosing The Frequency

You can specify the aggregation frequency by:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

This can be specified by clicking on the Change button in the top-right in the answers tab.

Discovering Trends

The bar charts help you to visualise the answers overtime, but with lots of data it is often difficult to see an underlying pattern.

The charts therefore include a trend-line that predicts the next three samples (e.g. 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 quarters) in context of your current aggregation (e.g weekly, monthly, quarterly) based on the answers.

The guidance is to use low numbers (e.g. 1-3) to represent a negative wellbeing answer and higher numbers to represent a positive answer (e.g. 7-10).

In this context you can consistently review a trend-line and if it's going up it's a positive / good trend, whereas if the trend-line is going down then it's a negative / bad trend.

Reducing trend-lines highlight the likelihood that, unless action is taken, the wellbeing of your staff could continue to decline over the next 3 months.

Increasing trend-lines should be good, evidencing the benefit of corrective action.

A flat trend line isn't an issue, as long it is based on a high value rather than stagnant low value.


Submit your questions for your company

Please mail and provide a list of all the initial questions that you would like to ask your employees.

For each question please provide the following details:

  • Title (e.g. "How are you feeling working from home")
  • Title and Range Description (e.g. "Please enter a value 1-10, 1=I'm really struggling, 5 = no difference, 10 = I prefer it!")
  • Range (e.g. 1-10) - please consistently use low numbers to represent a negative result and a higher number for a positive result.
  • Anonymous? (e.g. yes/no) - The app currently aggregates answers at company level, the longer-term plan is to enable the supervisor to drill down into the group and user(s).  When marked as anonymous the supervisor will not be able to drill down further than the group.
  • Frequency (e.g. every hour, every week, every month, once per year)
  • Date Range (e.g. start on 1st August 2021 and stop on 1st January 2022)

Here's a blank template that you can copy and paste for each of your questions

  • Title:
  • Description:
  • Range:
  • Anonymous:
  • Frequency:
  • Date Range: