Admin - Setting up your company

In this document we will show you how to successfully register an account with MyTeamSafe with a step by step guide.

Registration Form

Subscription – Choose a subscription type that matches your business size, for example ‘Duo’ for two people, or ‘Enterprise’ for larger organisations.

Company – Your company name (sites are added later)

Category – This helps us understand which sector your business is in, so we can analyse how best to support you.

Administrator for company – All user fields here are for the initial administrator.

Mobile Number – Used by the system for escalation SMS / text messages.

Strategy – Your default lone working strategy (i.e. high-risk versus low-risk. You can setup other strategies later).


Registration Form Page 2

Group 1 – You must set up at least one group. The first group is where your user will be created. (i.e. Personnel, Warehouse, Field, Team, Sales & Marketing).

additional Groups – Add additional Groups if necessary. You can add more groups or users from within the admin user interface (you can do this once your account is created fully). This helps you keep your users organised into their relevant groups and this can help when setting default strategies and auto-start rules at group level, rather than per-user.

Card Details – Enter your card details for the account you wish your subscription to be paid from .

Registration Form Successfully Complete

An email will be sent to you confirming your registration.

You are now ready to set up any additional groups, users and strategies. Please see the separate guides.


Login As Administrator

log in

Logging in

Now that your account has been set up you will need to login to the system.

To login :

Viewing The Dashboard

The Dashboard

This is how your dashboard will look once you have added users with active sessions running. Here you can keep a sharp eye on all users using the system.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 12.35.47

Adding Your First Lone Worker

Navigating the menus

Once you are logged in and on the dashboard you will see a menu on the left-hand side. To add users within this menu you will need to click on “administration” you will then get a drop-down menu, you want to click on “user management

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 11.54.40
Capture 2

Adding a user

Once you have clicked on “User Management” you will be redirected to this page. Once on this page go to the “+add” button that’s shown in the screenshot (red arrow) you will notice after pressing the “+add” button you will get a drop-down menu, click on “User

User Info

Enter the user’s first name and surname you have to create an initial password for each user which the administrator will need to give them and they can then change later.

Administrators can create new users into the appropriate groups.

Make sure to select your time zone. If you do not select the right time zone you could be alerted at the wrong times.

Add the time selection to use for the UK. Europe – London

Capture 3
Capture 5

User Type

Lone working permission enables this user to start/stop lone working sessions.

On-site list permission enables the user to receive a fire roster, triggered by SMS with the message ‘FIRE <pin>’. The roster arrives immediately afterwards to their primary email.

The Admin will choose a pin for each user and let them know what the pin is. The user can then change the pin at anytime.

User Contact

The primary email and SMS contact details are used when a lone working session is active and the user has not checked-in on time.

The secondary contact details are useful for scenarios where the user might have a personal device that they can be contacted via in emergencies.

Capture 6
Capture 7

User Alert

If you have created a strategy already you will be able to select it within the ‘default strategy’ drop-down menu. If you haven’t created one then you can simply use a default strategy.

Reminder: You can change your strategy at any time. This is at User level only.

Choose a default Supervisor for the User, If the name of the supervisor you want is not there, you need to set them up as a new user first.

Autostarts is an advanced topic, this is mentioned in our documentation.

Download The App

MyTeamSafe App is only available on Apple and Android


To download on Apple Click Here


To download on Android Click Here

User Getting Started

All Users need to read this before using the system so they have a full understanding of how the app works.