What's an affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing model in which MyTeamSafe rewards you (the affiliate partner) for each new customer that has subscribed through our site using your affiliate tracking code.

You will receive a commission when your referrer signs up and subsequently pays their first monthly subscription.

What is MyTeamSafe?

MyTeamSafe is primarily a mobile app that has two main roles

1 - Lone worker monitoring and escalation

Lone worker monitoring ensures that lone workers regularly check-in, if they don't then the system can automatically escalate to the lone worker then their supervisor and perhaps finally an external contact.

For example send a reminder to the lone worker when five minutes late, then escalate to the supervisor via SMS when ten minutes late, then perform an automated voice-call and SMS to the supervisor and an additional contact when fifteen minutes late.

Because different jobs have different risks companies can setup their own strategies (i.e. low risk may not escalate to the supervisor for 30 minutes, whereas higher risk may escalate within just a few minutes).

Everything is configurable, from the duration, the number of alerts, the text in the alerts, who's contacted and how (push notifications, SMS / text, email, voice-call).

Surveys can help understand the wellbeing of your employees, screenshots show what the user can see in the MyTeamSafe mobile app. You can get more information about the wellbeing feature by Clicking Here

2 - Capturing mini-surveys

To help companies get insights into their staff wellbeing (or any other quantitive use) they can regularly capture survey answers, then compare the results over time.  Insights can be captured at different frequencies (daily through to yearly) with a predicted trend-line to determine whether staff wellbeing is stable, increasing or worse decreasing.

For more details about how MyTeamSafes wellbeing / mini surveys and other features work visit the links below.

Wellbeing / mini survey

Admin (supervisor) Documentation

Mobile App Documentation

Mobile App Dashboard Documentation

Automated Voice calls


What products and commissions are available?

MyTeamSafe will pay 75% commission for the first month payments.



We do not charge the customer during their free trial, this means that there will be no commission for their first month. If the customer uses any discount coupon (usually time limited) then their cost can be lower and your commission will be in-line with their reduced amount.

You can apply for discount codes to help convince your prospects to sign up for an account.

The enterprise tier is maxed out at 50 lone-workers, so enterprise customers can call to get a quote for larger volumes. Any additional revenue earned will remain at 75% commission.

These figures are based on the month subscription pricing on the website prior to VAT being added. For pricing refer to https://content.myteamsafe.com/price/

How much can I earn?

It really depends on how many relevant prospects that you can reach.

The demographics we recommend are business to business (B2B), preferably larger businesses targeting Human Resources, Site Managers, Lone working supervisors, Wellbeing managers, etc.

Let's work on a model where you have a newsletter with 1,000 contacts (B2B).

If you were to include details about MyTeamSafe within your weekly newsletters (that's 4 emails per customer) and assume a conversion rate of 1% to 3%, then you could attract on the low end of the range 10 new paying customers.

Here's an approximate spread of what subscriptions they might sign up to (it's indicative, not a prediction). Note that the conversion rate here is on the low side of 1% - only you will know the quality of your contacts and how eligible they would be.

Based on the assumptions this equates to;


You can grow your commission by targeting your network regularly, across social media, 1 website banners, email campaigns, search engine pay per click (PPC) etc.

How will I be paid?

by AWIN directly.


Who do I contact?

Please email rob.wilson@myteamsafe.com for all questions.


Can I sell a specific feature?

You're selling the entire MyTeamSafe solution, but if you feel that focusing on a specific feature helps... then go for it!

For example MyTeamSafe have recently added a wellbeing survey (questions and answers) enabling companies to monitor their staff
wellbeing. The mobile app will plot the average score at daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly intervals.

We expect this feature to be very popular, but our key offering is the lone worker protection.


How do I start?

Please send us an email to rob.wilson@myteamsafe.com, if you need help getting started.


How can I promote MyTeamSafe?

If you have a blog then why not write about MyTeamSafe, or perhaps install it, use it and then leave an honest review on your blog?

If you are a social media influencer then you could drop MyTeamSafe into relevant conversations, or feature us in a clever TikTok clip that demonstrates how it can be used.

You might add a call-to-action on your WordPress site in the top-right of every page.

You could mention us in your podcast.

You can add an advert clip in one of your popular YouTube channels. The list I'm sure is endless, but please do involve us as we really do like to know where MyTeamSafe is mentioned.

The one thing we will not tolerate is false advertising or false claims. Your material must be honest and if found to be inaccurate needs to be corrected or removed with immediate effect.


Do I need knowledge about MyTeamSafe?

You can use the information from our website (AKA copy and paste). However, we really would prefer it if you setup a MyTeamSafe account (we can help), then use the mobile app for a few weeks to really understand the value.


What is MyTeamSafe?

It's really best if you check out our website, specifically

https://content.myteamsafe.com - An overview

https://content.myteamsafe.com/all-businesses/ - Sectors that MyTeamSafe could be ideally suited for

https://content.myteamsafe.com/price/ - The pricing model (75% commission for you (before any VAT is applied) for the first month payment.


Is MyTeamSafe for consumers (personal use)?

We currently feel that the MyTeamSafe app is better suited for business use.


Is MyTeamSafe for businesses?

Yes - please refer to some sectors that we consider ideally suited at https://content.myteamsafe.com/all-businesses/


What’s the business name?

MyTeamSafe is the product name, the company is Hillingar Ltd (registered in the UK).