User - Getting Started

In this documentation we will be showing you how to get set up as a user to the system of MyTeamSafe.

Downloading The App.

To get started you will need to download the app.

MyTeamSafe App is only available on Apple and Android


To download on Apple Click Here


To download on Android Click Here

Logging in

Once the app is downloaded you will need to launch the app.

The app requires your agreement to specific permissions to get the most protection. Its important that permissions pass so that the app is fully functional. View On boarding Permission Documentation.

Your login would have been created by the supervisor with a email and password, you will need to sign into the app with them details.



Starting a session

To start a session press the green start button, you will notice the background behind the buttons will turn green and your GPS location will be shown (depending on your strategy setup)

You can also Start a session via SMS by texting “Start” to MyTeamSafe’s number. You will then get an SMS message back letting you know that your session has successfully Started.

SMS will start a default strategy, in the mobile app you can change the strategy.

Stopping a session

To stop a session simply press the “Stop” button.  A window will pop up and you need to enter your PIN and press the “Stop” button

You can also stop a session via SMS by texting stop to MyTeamSafes number followed with your pin, for example: “Stop 1234”, you will then get an SMS message back letting you know that your session has successfully stopped.


Picking a different strategy

Your default strategy will always be selected when the app launches, it will also be re-selected after a lone working session has completed

A strategy can be selected on the MyTeamSafes home screen on the App.

At the bottom right you will see a grey button with 3 dots inside, Once you click on this button a window will pop up showing you your strategies.

Once a strategy is selected you will notice in the bottom left your strategies name will appear, this indicates that you have selected this strategy.

In this example the “1 Default (2HR)” strategy was chosen

Selecting a strategy Documentation 

Read full app user guide

For the full Mobile App Documentation Click Here

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