Onboarding Permission

The app requires your agreement to specific permissions to get the most protection. It's important that permissions pass so that the app is fully functional.

ADMIN – The admin must make sure these steps are fully functional.

If the Push notifications and GPS location are not enabled your users will not be notified when to check in.

You also won’t see their GPS location on the admin’s web dashboard.

More Details: https://content.myteamsafe.com/lone-working-permission/

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Its very important that your Push Notifications and GPS passes. If it does not pass you are not protected.

Apple Device (IOS)

Key Settings to enable correct & safe running.

Android users located below.

Location Settings

To ensure the app functions correctly you must have the following settings.

These can be set in Apple Settings Menu or via the MyTeamSafe App (when no active session is running).

In the app, when no session is running. Click the “Settings” Cog icon. Then click on Settings (Permissions). (This takes you to the onboard screen that you would have seen the first time you installed the app)

Scroll down to the to the GPS Settings and click the Request button. Click Review Settings, then Settings


Select Always

Different iOS versions have slightly different ways of getting to App permissions/settings.

NOTE: This does not mean the App will always track your location it just gives permission that when a lone working session is running it can update location in the background.

Setting to Whilst Using the App means that any updates will only happen when you have the app in the foreground.

You can go back and Click to Launch the App.


Notification settings

If you want to check your notification settings, they should look something similar to this.

Allow Notification must be switched ON. As well as Sounds set to ON Decide how you want to see the Alerts, and if you want preview etc.

Also check that you phone is not switched to Do Not Disturb as this will prevent notification alert sounds. Once this has been actioned Logout of the app then log back in and these new settings will be actioned.

Android Users

Key Settings to enable correct & safe running.


Notification settings

When you first install the MyTeamSafe app the onboarding screens ask you to give the app permission to use Locations.

If for some reason locations aren’t being recorded the please check the following settings on the smartphone.

If the location permission has been removed then when you load the app you will see the following screen. You must click ALLOW

You can also check your permissions in Android Settings Menu.

Different Android versions have different ways to get to permission settings but they should look something similar to this.

App Permissions

Ensure Location is switched ON.


Locations Permissions

Ensure Location is set to ON. Battery saving is usually enough. High accuracy uses more battery but provides true GPS accuracy